Kalob Griffin Band

Who doesn’t have a favorite band? A talented bunch of musicians that formed during their days at Penn State. They are rocking hotspots with their fun, soulful, Americana Rock n’Roll!

Please visit the Kalob Griffin Band website for more information:



Contact: band@kalobgriffinband.com

KGB music video- “Winter Blues”. It was shot in 1 day. The theme is “record store day”, highlighting local/independent record shops all over Philadelphia!!

KGB in the studio. Get an inside look into the debut album, June Found a Gun, released on June 1st, 2012. You can buy on Itunes and through their official website. Merchandise and other cool stuff is at www.KalobGriffinBand.com/merch/


KGB playing “Whiskey My Love” live at their annual Christmas party. This was in 2011. Big things ahead for 2012. Stay tuned!!